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Outside -- the first view of the Grandparents home. Grandma is an industrious gardener who keeps up the yard with a whole lot of help from Sim City Gardening Services. Her colorful tulips and well pruned shrubs are the envy of the neighborhood, as well as the specially bred blue flowers that match the exterior of the house.

Flower boxes by Julie's Simporium | Bird House by ?| For Sale sign, door lamp & Limo (not shown) by Sims Plus | Colored flamingos & glowing toadstools by SimFreaks | Door mat by Sim Goddesses


The front porch is Grandma and Grandpa's favorite place to relax on those warm afternoons when it's just too nice to stay inside. Sometimes Grandpa serenades Grandma with one of her favorites played on their old piano. Other times, they battle each other at chess (Grandma usually lets Grandpa win). When Grandma can't seem to find Grandpa, he's probably napping in the hammock.

Recolored tulips by Sim Colors | Lawn chairs by 7 Deadly Sims | Hammock by Sim Morphor | Settee, rocking chair and end table by Simmandments | Blue rosebushes by ?


Rocks by Sim Morphor | Fish Pond by Sim Ones | Dog house by Dincer's Sims Page | Max the Dog by SimFreaks

The fish pond is the topic of many neighborhood conversations, and their faithful friend Max the dog has won the blue ribbon three years in a row at the Simsville County fair. He's currently worth §150.


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Upstairs Hall | Bathroom | Master Bedroom