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The living room at Grandma and Grandpa's is full of the kind of charm that you could only acquire after spending many years together. They have filled their living room with all the memories they have gathered over the years: pictures of their children growing up, household knicknacks, and all the cherished possesions that a family should have.

Curio cabinets by Sim Goddesses | Antique TV by Monis Sims | Table top Photos by SimFreaks | Mirror by Jenny's Sim Home


The living room is Grandpa's favorite spot -- he loves to watch cartoons! And that old recliner in the corner -- that's where he reads his paper every morning.

Sofa & Loveseat by Sim Goddesses | Wall Hanging by Mom & Pop's Sim Shop | Family Pictures by The Well Dressed Sim | Gramaphone by Jenny's Sim Stuff

Outside | Living Room | Kitchen | Dining Room | Laundry Room | Bedroom 1| Hall & Sitting Room

Upstairs Hall | Bathroom | Master Bedroom