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Here is a printable listing of the objects I used to create this home. You can also use this on line as a shopping list , each site will open up in a new window.


Flower boxes -- Julie's Simporium

Outdoor Lamp & For Sale/Sold sign -- Sims Plus!

Recolored Tulips -- Sim Colors by StaySee_00

Rocks & Hammock-- Sim Mophor

Animated Fish Pond -- Sim Ones

Max the Dog, Recolored Flamingo, glowing toadstools -- SImFreaks

Dog House -- ??

Bird House -- ??

Grave pack -- Sims Exposed

Blue Rose bushes -- ??

Settee, rocking chair & end table -- Simmandments

Teleporter -- Farbie @ Killersims

Lawn Chairs - 7 Deadly Sims

Doormat -- Sim Goddesses

Blue brick with matching siding --Byline @Killersims

Stone Pathway - Byline @Killersims

Dark Wood -- Byline @ Kilersims

Living Room

Sofa & loveseat, curio cabinets, end table with books -- Sim Goddesses

Wal hanging -- Mom and Pop's Sim Shop

Family pPictures -- The Well Dressed Sim

Table top photos -- SimFreaks

Antique TV -- Monis Sims

Gramophone, coat hanger and umbrella stand -- Jenny's Sim Home

African American Art -- The SimsLoft


Lovely Leopard Wallpaper -- The Well Dressed Sim Lovely Leopard Carpet -- The Well Dressed Sim

Kitchen counters, spice rack and kitchen shelf -- The Well Dressed Sim

Cannister set & clock -- SimFreaks

Fridge -- The SimsLoft

Stove -- Simpleton Pleasures

Rug -- Josie for Simmandments

Southwest Chilli -- SimFreaks Light wood -- Byline @ Killersims
Dining Room

China Cabine & dining chairs -- The Well Dressed Sim

Fruit painting -- SimFreaks


Basket weave 1 (green) -- SimFreaks The Sims
Laundry Room

Washer & dryer, laundry basket and sink-- 7 Deadly Sims

Old fashiond Coca-Cola sign -- Killersims


House Party House Party
Crystal's Room

Bed -- Sim Goddesses

Closet & endtable-- SimFreaks

Flower paintings & lamp -- The Well Dressed Sim

Family Tree Paintng -- Simmandments



Dream and Dream 1 -- The SimsLoft Yellow Haze carpet -- SimFreaks
Hall & Sitting Room

Lovely Leopard chairs -- The Well Dressed Sim

Plant -- Sims Plus!

Femme De Luxe Floor Lamp -- Sim Goddesses

Miirror -- Jenny's Sim Home


Book shelf -- The Well Dressed Sim

Pretty Ivory Rug -- by Josie for Simmandments

Chandelier -- Sims Exposed

Botanical Paintings -- SimFreaks

Victorian Girl painting -- Jenny's Sim Home

Lovely Leopard Wall Paper -- The Well Dressed Sim Lovely Leopard carpet -- The Well Dressed Sim

Bathmats, towel racks and toilet paper -- Julie's Simporium

Painting -- Byline @ Killersims

Celestial 3 -- SimFreaks Celestial 3 tile -- SimFreaks
Master Bedroom

Beds --

Closet -- SimFreaks

Ironing board -- 7 Deadly Sims

Painting & mirror -- Byline @ Killersims

Tissue box -- Jenny's Sim Home

Table top photo -- SimFreaks

Auntie's Litchen 5 -- SimFreaks The Sims
Extras Light switches and electrical outlets -- Sims Plus! Roof -- Modern Roof Collection by SimFreaks  

I download A LOT of stuff, so there are some things that I may not know where I got them from. If I missed something or one of your objects is listed above with out credit, e-mail me : and I will add the info to the list!

* All objects and textures not listed are from The Sims, Livin' Large or House Party*


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Upstairs Hall | Bathroom | Master Bedroom