Bring this home to your neighborhood!!

This house willl occupy The Sims lot 9, so be sure to place it in a neighborhood where lot 9 is empty if you don't want to lose your original house.

Once you unzip this file, you will need to place the house file into your ...Sims/Userdata#/Houses folder where # = the neighborhood number you are placing the house into.


The furniture objects that were used to create this house are not included unless they are found in one of The Sims games. This is at the request of the artist who designed them. I am in the process of creating direct links to the exact pages where I obtained the objects on each site, but as you can imagine, that wil take some time to complete. In the meantime, feel free to e-mail me if you need help finding an object, and I will do what I can to help. My e-mail address is in the menu above, or the paragraph below.

The basically furnished home includes bathroom fixtures and some kitchen fixtures (I forgot which ones exactly!), but they are only the game versions, not the ones shown in the photographs.

If you choose to download the completely furnished house, the furnishings will only appear if you have downloaded them already into your game. I have provided a listing ofthe sites where you can find the objects I used here. If there are any problems, please e-mail me:


Download Grandma's House With Basic Furnishings

File info:
57 kb
ZIP format

Download Grandma's House Completely Furnished as shown

File info:
69 kb
ZIP format

OK, a lot of folks said that they were unable to use the houses above due to the fact that it had House Party Objects. Since the house is so popular, and I am so nice (LOL) I made a Sims level version. This one should work for ANYONE, at least I hope so. It is fully furnished, providing that you have the furniture listed already in your game. You can download it HERE.
Also, several people have downloaded my house and used it as a base. That is fine by me, if you do this, but I'm interested in seeing what you have done. If you send me a picture, I'll post it on the site.
E-mail a picture.